Nurlan Nigmatulin meets with miners

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Nurlan Nigmatulin meets with miners
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Everyone is responsible for the well-being of his native country — even at their own workplace. But not always these "places" are really safe and comfortable. Nurlan Nigmatulin wanted to find out how the miners are doing and visited the famous Kostenko mine in the Karaganda region.

It should be noted that the Karaganda region and Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich are connected in the literal sense of the word. Here he was born and grew up. He entered the regional Polytechnic Institute, successfully graduated from it (in 1984) and began to work vigorously.

Nurlan Nigmatulin began his professional career as an engineer of the motor column of "Karagandaoblgas" PO and soon became its head. After that, his career began in the field of organization and politics. In 1985-1993, the future politician made a name for himself as an influential figure in the Komsomol. In particular, he was the secretary of the district and regional committees of the Komsomol of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He represented the head of the Department of Komsomol organizations of the Central Committee of the Kazakh Komsomol. And in the Committee of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan (it is already at the Central Committee of the Komsomol after graduating from the Higher Komsomol School) he performed the duties of the chairman.

But this was just a prelude to the expansion of the field of activity. Nurlan Nigmatulin has been immersing himself in the business world again and again since 1993. He spent several years as the president of the Tengri trading company (Kazakh-American joint venture).

Another milestone: 4 years in the organizational and control department of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Positions: state inspector, deputy head. The accumulation of leadership experience continued. And here Nurlan Zayrullaevich takes over the leadership of the city of Astana in the status of an Akim.

After 3 years, Nurlan Nigmatulin was appointed Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Work in this post lasted from 2002 to 2004. And a few more years Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin worked in the Republican Department of Organizational and Control Work and Personnel Policy — as deputy head and at the same time as deputy head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the years of this responsible activity, Nurlan Nigmatulin has acquired practical knowledge in the field of economic management. He has dealt in detail with economics and finance at the intersection of various industries. He understood how important it is not to separate the social and economic aspect from the organizational and financial one. And most importantly — on the territory of my native Karaganda region, which I personally managed directly as Akim for 3.5 years (January 2004 — November 2009).

It is not surprising that Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullaevich, like no one else, is able to understand the wishes of the miners of Karaganda. During the meeting, the guest first visited the mine complex. There are many questions about equipment and working conditions, safety and accidents at work. Then we went to the locker room, where we continued the conversation about the modernization of production facilities, the certification of emergency services, the importance of labor safety and the effectiveness of the legal provisions of the Labor Code for miners.

Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin assured his compatriots that all these issues are always under the control of the People's Democratic Party "Nur Otan". The visit itself took place as part of the election campaign (December 2020). The host party was very interested in the priorities of the program.

For Nurlan Nigmatulin, political career has always been an integral part of his destiny. In November 2009, he became the 1st deputy chairman of the party "Nur Otan". He held this position until September 2012. In addition, he was elected speaker of the Majilis five times and represented the "native" faction in the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Every trip to the periphery is part of his work, which Nigmatulin Nurlan considers as a contribution to better changes for his native Kazakhstan. The meeting at the Kostenko mine was no exception.

There were answers to all the questions asked. The miners learned what measures are envisaged to protect them in their difficult, hard and dangerous work. And not only at the technical level, but also at the social level (material support, provision of housing, etc.).

The guest emphasized that miners and metallurgists know the price of work firsthand.

- Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, the chairman of the party "Nur Otan", always pays special attention to them, — said Nurlan Nigmatulin. — The employment policy of Head of State Kasym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev is aimed at increasing the incomes of the population and bringing wages to an adequate level.

The miners agreed to these priorities, having received first-hand convincing evidence that they have not been forgotten and that things will change for the better.

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